Gladtree Festival
April 9-10, 2004
Hampshire College Red Barn,
Amherst, MA

Friday, April 9th

Monotract : Boys Only
testosterone-based incarnation of miami to nyc shriek-rock connection
Valley of Ashes
ahead spectre folk; louisville, ky
Chicago energy beam focused on noise-rock evolution; hanson records, and now load records too
Six Organs of Admittance
old growth exploration from northern cali.; trad/raga/chime folk
Six Organs of Admittance Six Organs of Admittance

Fat Worm of Error
northampton-based zane/color/energy rock
feather one's nest; whispering psych-folk floating out of amherst, ma
Joshua Burkett

Sunburned Hand of the Man
boston posterchildren; collective folk-rock to the outer limits

Saturday, April 10th

Born Heller
chicago outlet of wistful folk massaging
Son of Earth
amherst-born sparse improv unit; apostasy recordings flagship
Cerberus Shoal
northeast indie; carnival misfits from southern maine
idea fire company; troubled synth ahoy; from n. amherst

The Cherry Blossoms
nashville flunkies; purveyors of "primitive-psych"
Magick Markers
bombast no-nuke no-wave fire starters; chicago-montreal-louisville love triangle
The MV&EE Medicine Show
mountain, vermont; lost tunes in a new voice from tower recordings denizens
MV&EE Medicine Show MV&EE Medicine Show
EE MV&EE Medicine Show Conrad blowin' jug

nyc pioneers in "improvised prog-space"

Dredd Foole
vermont's claim to fame; vocal legend and story king, a match well made
Dredd Foole Dredd Foole
Dredd Foole Dredd Foole

No Neck Blues Band
sound@one; nyc's immense clatter collective
P.G. Six
ny's portal to medieval psych wanderings amidst guitar and harp; amish records
P.G. Six on harp

Sun City Girls
occultist free-whack from seattle; see abduction, sublime frequencies, etc
Sun City Rick Sun City Alan
Sun City Charles Sun City Girls